Landscape Design Using Evergreens

In this Elements of Landscape Design Series post we are focusing on landscape design using evergreens as a sustainable plant that is one of the most versatile plant groups. Partnering Read More »

Juglone Toxicity Info – Resistant and Susceptible Plants

Black walnut (Juglans nigra) and Butternut trees and closely-related species produce a toxic substance, Juglone, which can be harmful to plants growing in areas nearby the trees or their root Read More »

Animal Repellents and Plant Protection

We all love animals but sometimes they go where we don’t want them to or damage our landscapes and gardens. They can chew, eat, scratch, and damage plants throughout the Read More »

Starting a Vegetable Garden & Resources

Congrats on starting your vegetable garden journey! There has been a huge increase of people wanting to grow their own food as well as flowers, pollinator plants and converting lawns Read More »

Planting Fall Bulbs for Spring Blooms

By planting fall bulbs now, you’ll be greeted with a warm and blooming welcome that will take your breath away. The anticipation of watching your garden come to life with Read More »

Aster Yellows

As with most disease and pest problems, accurate diagnosis is the important part of controlling a problem and doing so responsibly. In this case, the image shows aster yellows disease Read More »

Landscape Design Using Perennials

In this Elements of Landscape Design Series post we are focusing on landscape design using perennials to accomplish your landscape vision. Incorporating perennials into a garden is a wonderful way Read More »

Common Insects Found On Houseplants

If you are a houseplant parent, it’s inevitable that you will have to deal with insects at some point. It’s important to keep on eye on your houseplants and check Read More »

What You Should Know About Raspberry Plants

Summer-bearing raspberries and fall-bearing raspberries are two types of raspberries that differ in their fruiting habits and growth patterns. Here’s some information about each: Summer-bearing raspberries: Fruit production: Summer-bearing raspberries, Read More »

Summer Plant Care & To-Dos

Pest Control: Be on the lookout for signs of pest damage, such as holes in leaves or wilting plants, and address the issues promptly. Japanese Beetle damage is usually seen Read More »

Spring Blooming Shrubs

These shrubs bloom during the early growing season and are great design backbones to any garden or landscape. Add these spring blooming shrubs behind a summer blooming garden to have Read More »

Weather acclimation of plants

Acclimating plants grown inside or in a greenhouse is called hardening off. Hardening off thickens the cuticle of their leaves to avoid access moisture loss and strengthens tender young plants. Read More »

Spring Flowering Perennials

These perennials bloom during the early growing season and are a welcome sight after a long-cold winter. Mix these spring flowering perennials in with your summer and fall-blooming flowers for Read More »

Deicing Salt Tolerant Plants

When you live in a state that has snow and ice it’s inevitable that part of the yard will be exposed to deicing salts when the snow melts. As the Read More »

Plant fall bulbs indoors for late winter blooms!

Be ahead of the spring and get indoor blooms in late winter! Forcing fall bulbs to bloom indoors is a simple way to enjoy color before there is any outside. Read More »


It’s end of summer relaxation time and to treat yourself before winter comes! 10 Treat Yourself Ideas: Go get MN grown apples and make an apple pie and other baked Read More »

Container Rescue Steps

Mid-summer is a great time to clean up or redo your annual containers. Here are a few steps to follow to refresh and rescue your annual containers.

Pollinator Planting Guides

Support for pollinators is a joint effort – a partnership. As of July 2022 Monarchs are now on the endangered animal list. As a flagship pollinator – one that attracts Read More »

What to plant for a pretty spring yard

Planting spring flowering plants in the fall creates an even prettier spring yard! Flowering spring bulbs can even show their blooms when snow is melting on the ground. Here is Read More »

Bring houseplants indoors for winter

As the temps start to cool and the leaves start to fall outside, we need to start bringing in your houseplants to create a plant oasis to enjoy all winter Read More »

Easy Fall Planting

Fall is the second-best time to plant – with some saying it’s the best! We typically have late-summer and fall sales. Check out current plant sales here. GARLIC Garlic is Read More »

Plants improve your space!

Plants are a wonderful addition to our lives because they connect us with nature, which improves our mental health. Here are the top 5 reasons that plants improve your space. Read More »

Late Summer through Fall Garden and Landscape Tasks

It’s late summer and fall is around the corner. Slowing down, enjoying time in the garden and eating delicious fresh produce are the reasons this is a fulfilling time of Read More »

Minimize Japanese Beetle Damage

Japanese Beetles are serious pests in both the adult and the larval grub stages.  The adult beetles are above ground, feeding, mating and laying eggs from mid-June to early August. Read More »


IT’S NOT DEAD. IT’S DORMANT. It’s not a pretty picture, but it’s an important message. If you see brown turf grass like this *image*, don’t worry. What we should worry Read More »

Top 8 ‘Tough as Nails’ Perennials

When it comes to plants, reliable is a characteristic we love! This is our top 8  ‘tough as nails’ perennials that will come back every year and tolerate a wide Read More »

Blight Resistant Tomatoes and Prevention

All fresh tomatoes are great but those of you who are looking for tomatoes that are blight resistant, look no further! Brief description of blight: Blight causes sudden yellowing, wilting, Read More »

Digging Deeper – Late Spring Gardening

“What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind Read More »

Early Spring Yard and Garden Tasks

The desire to start gardening and enjoy outside is hard to suppress. Each spring will bring us new weather patterns and it’s best to take Nature’s cues when it comes Read More »

Seed Starting

Welcome new gardeners! Late winter and early spring is the time to start seeds indoors. Our last frost date is projected as May 1- May 15th. The last frost date Read More »

Shamrock Plants – Luck’o the Irish!

This post is dedicated to the lucky Shamrock Plant! The official plant of St. Patrick’s Day! Oxalis Info You may call them Shamrock plant, but it’s latin name is Oxalis Read More »

Choosing a Christmas Tree

We start the season of festive greenery early at Drummers Garden Center and Floral. Christmas Trees, as well as spruce tops, wreaths, garlands, and evergreen bundles including cedar, pine, and Read More »

Winterizing new evergreens and trees

Wrap New Trees We recommend new trees, also known as saplings, are wrapped with a protective tree wrap or vinyl guards end of October to help protect against sun scald Read More »

Landscape Shrubs for Autumn Color

Discover beautiful fall shrubs for your garden now! We can help you choose plants with amazing autumn colors. Don’t wait, add these shrubs and keep the colors going all the Read More »

TOP 5 TIPS for Summer Plantings

1.MOST IMPORTANT! – WATERING Proper watering is vital to plant survival. Proper watering doesn’t mean watering everyday. At least 1″ of water a week spring through fall season is the Read More »

Step-by-Step Amaryllis Bulb Planting

Amaryllis bulb planting is super simple and one of the easiest houseplants to take care of after they are done blooming. Watch our quick video on how to plant a Read More »

Spruce Top Style Ideas

Styling a spruce top container can be a lot of fun but sometimes daunting if there are so many options! That’s why we put together three styles for you! Add Read More »


Originally red, poinsettias are available in a huge variety of sizes and colors. The best tips for keeping poinsettias in good shape are: keep them out of drafts, allow them Read More »

Easy Care Houseplants

Connecting with nature is important especially since it’s easy to be disconnected from it these days. Houseplants in the home or office have proven to improve mental health and keep Read More »

Top 10 Perennials 2019

Back in January of this year, the full-time staff went to the Northern Green Conference up in the Twin Cities for continuing education and to see what is new for Read More »

Vacation needed! Tips to help your outdoor plants while you’re away.

We all need to get away once and awhile! Some plants may do just fine with a longer vacation away like succulents and established drought tolerant plants. There are others, Read More »

Acidic Soil Loving Plants

Three Plant Needs Water, Sun, and Soil (Nutrients). Where does soil pH level come in? Plants need nutrients and have a balanced relationship with elements in the soil which will Read More »

Gardening by the Moon – A Fascinating Lore

We have all heard of the moon effecting the water tides but have your heard of it effecting soil moisture? From The Farmers Almanac, gardening by the moon “is an Read More »

Winter Houseplant Basics

It can be a tough time for our plant babies due to the cold, dryness indoors, and lack of sunlight but it doesn’t take much to keep your plants healthy Read More »

Holiday Houseplants

These Holiday houseplants are great for a fresh finishing touch to your decorations or great to give as a gift! With some care these houseplants can live all year-long, year-after-year. Read More »

Living Soil – What is it?

Living soil is all about diversity. Diversity of fungi, bacteria, protozoa, nematodes, arthropods, and earthworms breaking down organic matter that produces nutrients for plants to use. Who knew it was Read More »

Beneficial Bugs

We may view bugs as a nuisance because they are eating our plants or intruding in and around our homes. The Spotted Wing Drosophila or Japanese Beetle are two examples Read More »

What to do with all those Herbs!

We plant a variety of herbs and then we realize we have an over-abundance of herbs towards the end of growing season! This quick list of ideas might help you Read More »

Creating Winter Interest

The garden and landscape is an important feature of the home even in winter. Consider what you will look at through your windows as you cuddle indoors. Here’s a great Read More »

Plant Toxicity – A list of plants safe for pets.

Among the questions many of us have when we set out to purchase a houseplant or landscape plant is whether or not it will harm pets. Nobody wants a sick Read More »