What to plant for a pretty spring yard

Planting spring flowering plants in the fall creates an even prettier spring yard! Flowering spring bulbs can even show their blooms when snow is still melting on the ground. Here is a list of plants that give us a show early to late spring. Availability of perennials, shrubs, and trees in the fall is less consistent then in the spring but if you can add any of these plants on our list, you will be happy you did. Anytime you add plants you’ll be happy you created a prettier yard to enjoy for years to come.

Spring Blooming Bulbs

These bulbs are always available beginning late summer for you to plant late in the fall. Bulbs are one of the more popular plants because of how easy they are to plant. Fall planted bulbs need the cold dormancy period of winter before they bloom in the spring. Plant your bulbs around your late sprouting perennials to fill in the area before the foliage grows in to create a succession of blooms. If you have deer around, look for deer resistant logos on the bulb boxes.


  • purple large allium blooms
  • yellow crocus
  • Grape Hyacinth in bloom
  • Yellow daffodils bloomin in early spring
  • red tulips
  • Snowdrop flower in the snow


Perennials are herbaceous, which means all their foliage dies down each fall and regrows in the spring. These perennials are varieties that come up earlier in the spring and create a pretty spring yard.


  • blue flower looks like explosion of a veronica blue bomb plant
  • white, yellow, and purple hellebores flowers
  • blue and pink flowers of columbine plant
  • pink heartshaped flowers on a bleeding heart perennial
  • pink flowers of pigsqueak bergenia winter glow
  • white flowers of jacobs ladder plant
  • Tiny white flowers of woodruff plant
  • little purple blue flowers of bugleweed ground cover
  • little pink flowers osn armeria
  • blue flowers of woodland forget me not
  • lots of pink flowers on a forget me not
  • white flowers that look like pants on a dicentra cucullaria
  • golden grounsel or squaw weed yellow blooms in the spring
  • euphorbia cushion spurge yellow growth and blooms


Shrubs drop their foliage each fall unless they are evergreen shrubs. Their woody structures stand over winter, creating their own winter interest for your yard. Shrubs provide a way to create focal point among perennials and are used to easily create larger grouping of blooms in the spring. We’ve all seen lilacs blooming in the spring but these are other options to consider for a color array of blooms in the spring.


  • forsythia northern gold yellow spring blooms
  • pjm spring blooming purple rhododendron
  • pussy willow catkins in spring
  • white flowers on standing ovation serviceberry
  • red electric lights azalea
  • Bulbous white blooms on a snowball viburnum
  • orange foliage of a barberry shrub
  • Purple flowers on a bloomerang lilac shrub


Trees seem to be the most impactful because of their size and the easiest to notice around town, especially when it’s the first sign of spring we see! The bright pinks, reds, and whites lining the streets gives us the mental break we need to know warmer days are ahead.


  • blooming mn strain redbud
  • bubble gum pink blooms on show time crabapple
  • light pink large bloom of a first editions centennial blush magnolia tree

We love to see all these blooming in the spring when they arrive at the garden center and ready for you to bring home. We find a more energy when we see blooms and spring color!

Please note that many of the trees and shrubs shown are sold quickly in the spring and may not be available this late in the season. It’s time to start a wish list! Visiting your local garden center in the spring, early and late summer, and fall gives you the best ideas for how your plants will transition and create a pretty yard all season long.