Holiday Houseplants

You have your Christmas tree set up and decorated, the cheery lights hung outside, and your elegant spruce top pots outside your door…now let’s by jolly, deck the halls with Holiday houseplants!

These Holiday houseplants are great for a fresh finishing touch to your decorations or are great to give as a gift! With some care these houseplants can live all year-long, year-after-year.

1. Poinsettia

poinsettias on display

When you see Poinsettias, you think Christmas! The bright colored foliage of the Poinsettia instantly adds the joy of the Holiday season into your home or office! Read more about Poinsettias here!

2. Christmas Cactus

christmas cactus blooming

These Christmas cactus are long lasting, and easy to care for plants that bloom beautiful light pink, bright pink, or deep red blooms in December/January.

3. Norfolk Pine

Norfolk Pine houseplant

These “little Christmas trees” are great au natural or add small lights and decorations. These will last you for years with care and many more Holiday seasons!

4. Cyclamen

blooming cyclamen houseplant

These houseplants have distinctive patterned foliage and adorable little heart-shaped flowers that definitely bring joy to any room.

Amaryllis bulbs are also an easy care plant that blooms during the Holidays that you can keep blooming year after year and have them outside in the summer!

With any of these Holiday houseplants, you can dress them up a bit with a ribbon (we have a lot of different styles!) or decorations that fit in with the Holiday decorations in your home!