Nursery Guarantee

Expires June 1st of the next year after purchase (Ex: Purchased 2020, Expires June 1st, 2021)
For the guarantee to be valid, please present:

  • the itemized guarantee receipt
  • the dead plant including the roots

We request your patience on certain deciduous plants because some are very slow in leafing out. If you scratch a small patch of the bark and it is soft and bright green underneath, the chances are good that it will leaf out and thrive. Please do not dig a plant out of the ground if you are not certain that it is dead. Some shrubs die back to the ground every year, please give them time to start new growth.

We will re-supply one time only, any tree, shrub, hardy shrub rose or evergreen that dies before expiration date.


Nursery stock purchased at a discount of 40% or more is guaranteed for the purchase price only. We reserve the right to refuse to honor the guarantee. We are not responsible for animal damage, improper care, growing conditions, lack of or excess moisture or plants that have died in their original containers which have not been planted.

* Please take a few minutes to review the information on the warranty instruction sheet presented to you at the time of purchase for water, planting & winter care instructions. If you have lost this information, please contact us for assistance.
* We’re always here to help! Call or check this website for more information or advice.
* If you’re not going to plant immediately, store your plants in the shade and check frequently for moisture. On hot days, you may need to water them more than once a day.