Valentine’s Day Gifts

The thing about Valentine’s Day is that we can get stuck in the thinking that it happens every year and why should I get something just for that day?! Well, you’re right! You should express your love whenever you feel you want to. The best part about Valentine’s is that it’s the reminder we all sometimes need to show gratitude to those you love.

The hardest part is making sure you get something that shows you thought of them. We can help.

Houseplant Gift

Gifts that grow, like houseplants, are a great gift for those who love living things and nature. Pair it with pottery that matches their style, add the BEST MN-mad chocolates, a card with your heartfelt thoughts and you now have a great gift! We have staff on-hand everyday that can help you choose a plant, pottery, and added decorations. We also have pre-potted houseplants for an easy grab and go gift.

Fresh Flower Gifts

While flowers might not be everyone’s first choice, many of us (including guys!) cherish the splash of color they bring to our homes, especially during the winter months. They’re perfect for those seeking a touch of nature indoors without the need for extensive plant care knowledge.

We have expert florists on hand that can make a custom arrangement for your loved one. You can easily shop online at and pick them up or have them delivered. Our flowers aren’t shipped from across the U.S. so they are as fresh as can be when they are dropped off at their door.

Don’t miss our exclusive February special on single-colored dozen rose bouquets Feb. 1st -February 14th.

For a personal touch, we offer assistance in selecting flowers for your DIY arrangements, which should earn extra appreciation from your loved ones.

We hope to see you in-store and help out in any way we can!