Bring Living Greenery Indoors

As the temps start to cool and the leaves start to fall outside, we need to start bringing living greenery indoors to create a plant oasis to enjoy all winter long. Once the overnight temps are consistently dropping below 50°F,  bring your houseplants indoors to avoid damage and stress to your plant. If you have Read More »

Planting Fall Bulbs for Spring Blooms

Planting bulbs in the fall can take little time and effort and in spring you can enjoy even more blooms. When the overnight temperatures start dropping and the ground starts to cool is when your bulbs should go into the ground. Around  50° overnights. If you buy your bulbs before this time, which it fine, Read More »

Minnesota Chrysanthemums “Mums”

Bright red, pink, yellow, white, purple, golden orange, copper, cream…you will find all sorts of Minnesota Mum flower colors! Thanks to the University of Minnesota’s Mum breeding program beginning in the 1920’s we now have mums that are hardy in Minnesota winters. Here’s a bit of history for you! The cushion habitat mum was the Read More »

Top 10 Perennials 2019

Back in January of this year, the full-time staff went to the Northern Green Conference up in the Twin Cities for continuing education and to see what is new for this year in landscaping and gardening. One of the more popular sit downs was the Top 10 lists of perennials, shrubs, and trees. Since June Read More »

Vacation needed! Tips to help your outdoor plants while you’re away.

We all need to get away once and awhile! Some plants may do just fine with a longer vacation away like succulents and established drought tolerant plants. There are others, especially plants in containers, that need more attention before you leave and while you are away.   Here are a few ideas if you will Read More »

Acidic Soil Loving Plants

Water, Sun, and Soil (Nutrients). These are plants three basic needs. So why do I want to talk about soil and it’s pH level? What the plants really need is nutrients and a relationship with elements in the soil. Soil pH is so important to the uptake of nutrients and some common nutrient issues that Read More »

Seeds to Start Now

We are laughing too (with a quiet cry) at the amount of snow we have received this February and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop yet. The good thing is that the outdoors can’t stop you from starting your cold weather hardy vegetables indoors in March. The brassicas family which includes cauliflower, broccoli, Read More »

Gardening by the Moon – A Fascinating Lore

We have all heard of the moon effecting the water tides but have your heard of it effecting soil moisture? From The Farmers Almanac, gardening by the moon “is an age-old practice of completing chores around the farm according the the moon phases and that the moon governs moisture.” Growing in Popularity It is growing Read More »

Winter houseplant care. What went wrong with my houseplant?

Winter houseplant care need not be complicated! It CAN be a tough time for our plant babies due to the cold, dryness indoors, and lack of sunlight but it doesn’t take much to keep your plants healthy if you know what they are needing at this time. Remember houseplants are usually a form of tropical Read More »

10 Gifts under $20

It’s hard to know what exactly someone wants but here are 10 gift ideas that won’t break the bank and your plant loving friends and family may enjoy! If none of these seem to tickle your fancy and you KNOW a friend/family member would like gardening supplies, plants, floral arrangements, body care, and more…purchase a Read More »

Holiday Houseplants

You have your Christmas tree set up and decorated, the cheery lights hung outside, and your elegant spruce top pots outside your door…now let’s by jolly, deck the halls with Holiday houseplants! These Holiday houseplants are great for a fresh finishing touch to your decorations or are great to give as a gift! With some Read More »


Originally red, poinsettias are available in a huge variety of sizes and colors. The best tips for keeping poinsettias in good shape are: keep them out of drafts, allow them to dry slightly between watering, and be sure to empty excess water from the bottom tray or cover provided when you purchased it. Here is Read More »

Choosing a Christmas Tree

Holiday season starts in mid-November here at Drummers Garden Center and Floral! Christmas Trees, as well as spruce tops, evergreen bundles (cedar, pine, juniper, etc), and more start showing up for us to start getting into the Holiday cheer. We know some of you like to put up your trees early so we have them Read More »

Amaryllis Bulb Planting and Tips

Planting Amaryllis Steps: (Click through image gallery for all steps) Are you growing an amaryllis bulb now or perhaps you received one as a gift? Need instructions? Look no further, here are our Amaryllis Growing Tips: Plant or restart your bulb 6-10 weeks in advance of when you want it to bloom. Select firm bulbs – the Read More »

Living Soil – What is it?

Living soil is all about diversity. Diversity of fungi, bacteria, protozoa, nematodes, arthropods, and earthworms breaking down organic matter that produces nutrients for plants to use. Who knew it was all of those things that makes a soil healthy…a living soil! Have you seen on the packages of Espoma or other brands that says it Read More »

Planting for beautiful fall colors!

Don’t overlook these plants that will give you a wonderful show and variety to your garden in the fall! We can help you look ahead into the fall (summer isn’t over yet!) and pick out some plants that are fall blooming and/or have fall foliage color. Here are a few examples of plants that have Read More »

Beneficial Bugs

Sometimes we view bugs as a nuisance because they are eating our plants or intruding in and around our homes. The Spotted Wing Drosophila or Japanese Beetle are two examples of pesky bugs that can cause damage to our beloved plants. I could go on and on about bugs that cause us major gardening headaches Read More »

What to do with all those Herbs!

Sometimes we have this grand plan to large bushes of herbs and many varieties and then when it comes to using them you only use a few leaves or stalks. Or am I the only one? This quick list of ideas might help you when you when we want to try a new cultural dish, Read More »

Japanese Beetle

It’s a hot summer day and you’re tending to your yard and when you look at one your beloved plants it looks like your peering through lace! The leaves look like they’ve been meticulous cut so the veins and stem are intact but the rest has been removed!  Pretty? Kind of.  Healthy for the plant…no! Read More »

5 Bulbs for 3 Months of Flowers!

We’ve cooked up a fun idea for your garden with bulbs. Combine these five bulb varieties and take a half an hour or so to plant these into a new garden or even in and around your existing perennials. All of these bulbs would prefer to to be in full sun but they can tolerate Read More »

Early Spring Lawn Care

We can’t help it. The “itch” to get outside and get things rolling in the yard and garden can hardly be stopped on the first few nice days of March really needs to be scratched! Although it’s best to take it slowly, there are a couple of things one can accomplish in the yard early Read More »

Selecting Carrot Varieties & Growing

There are a number of variable the gardener can consider when choosing what variety of seeds to grow. Size, flavor, number of days to harvest and color are among the choices the gardener may make regarding carrots. Another consideration is the shape of the mature vegetable and what soil-type is present. We often hear comments Read More »

Decorating with Hydrangea flowers

Hydrangeas are an excellent flowering shrub for the landscape. Make use of their flowers for decorations around the home as well. Here’s a quick how-to make a wreath with hydrangea flowers. The result is a stylish wreath you can use indoors or out as a fall decoration.

Creating Winter Interest

The garden and landscape is an important feature of the home even in winter. Consider what you will look at through your windows as you cuddle indoors. Here’s a great article from the Minnesota Horticultural Society’s Northern Gardener Magazine to guide your thoughts as you design your landscape to include interesting things to look at Read More »

Dry Fall? Landscape Watering is Critical

Protect Your Plants For Winter…Water Now! Fall water is vital to the survival of trees, shrubs and perennials over winter. The goal is for the landscape to receive 1-inch of water weekly, by rain or by you. This is especially important for evergreens because these plants lose moisture through their leaves all winter. When it’s Read More »

Protecting Plants from Animal Damage

If you have pressure from deer and rabbits, take a few steps to protect your plants from damage now and through winter. A buck rubbing velvet off his antlers can kill your tree. Buck rubbing can happen any time now. Protect tree by using trunk protecting tubes, always in the color white. Tubes can’t protect Read More »

Plant Toxicity – A list of plants safe for pets.

Among the questions many of us have when we set out to purchase a houseplant or landscape plant is whether or not it will harm pets. Not all pets do it but many will munch on plants. Nobody wants a sick or injured pet or a veterinary bill. Here’s one way to plan the purchase. Read More »

Mid-August Garden Tips

Although some of you received adequate rainfall last week, many did not. If you haven’t, do make sure your landscape is getting an inch of water a week. It’s best to deliver this in two, half-inch doses if you can. Water is important now to keep your plants healthy going into fall and winter. For Read More »

It all starts with the powerful seed!

Stop in now to select your new garden seeds. It’s a great way to think about spring. You’ll find several seed companies represented: Renee’s Garden Seeds, Cornucopia, Lake Valley, Botanical Interests, Seed Savers Exchange, Northrup King and more to come. Within you’ll find old favorites, small companies, heirlooms, new varieties, non-GMO and organic seeds. Of Read More »

Special Guest Speaker coming from Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

We are proud to present Dr. Peter Moe, Director of Operations & Research of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, who will speak on Fruit for the Home Garden on Saturday, Feb. 7 at 10:30 a.m.  

It’s Our 25th Anniversary!

It’s Our 25th Anniversary! Thanks to all of you for helping us reach this milestone! To celebrate we will have specials on the 25th of each month throughout the year and special offers. Watch your newsletters, our website, the Mankato Free Press and Facebook for information.  

Stop in for Gift Cards!

Our gift cards are available in any amount and never expire. Make someone’s Christmas with a present that always fits!