Christmas Trees

Every year (around Nov.15th) we get trees from upper Wisconsin that range from 5ft to 14 ft tall as well as compact size Balsam Firs. We carry 4 types of evergreen trees — Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir, White Pine, and Victorian Fraser Fir. See bottom of the page for Christmas tree delivery fees and set up option.

All trees are from sustainably grown tree farms that focus on quality and providing freshly harvested trees.


White Pine:

Size ranges from 6′-8′ tall and have soft, flexible needles that are bluish-green in color. Needles are 2½ – 5 in. long. They have good needle retention. These trees have little fragrance. Great for people who may have allergies to evergreen scent. These trees look so lovely with lights woven in and out of their long needles and lighter weight ornaments.

Fraser Fir:

Size ranges from 6′-12′ tall and have good form and the best needle retention of all the varieties. The branches are slightly upturned. Has a pleasant fragrance. Our most popular tree!

Victorian Fraser Fir:

Size ranges from 6′-14′ tall and are the same as Fraser Firs but untrimmed and space between branches are wide. This is a more traditional style of Christmas tree. True to natural form in the wild. Sometimes they are still adorned with little cones on them. Good needle retention.

Balsam Fir:

Size ranges from 5′-14′ tall. These Christmas trees have the strongest and longest lasting fragrance of the tree varieties. These are relatively dense trees and have two toned needles with dark green on top and silvery green on the bottom.

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Delivery days are Tuesday and Friday.

$45 flat for in town. $45/hr for out of town.


$65 Delivery + Setup in your home – One team member needed.
$85 Delivery + Setup in your home – Two team members needed.

Give us a call to set up delivery and we can find you a perfect tree for your space and bring it to you!