Artificial Succulent Container Make & Take

Never thought of having artificial plants? Here’s some reason why you may want to design your own artificial succulent container.

  1. You desperately want a plant in a spot that doesn’t have enough light.
  2. Plants? Who has time for taking care of another thing? Yet, you want the look of greenery and life in your home!
  3. You’re the type that can’t seem to keep succulents alive because you overwater them. (a.k.a giving them too much love).
  4. There is someone you know that has any of these problems and this is a fun way to laugh with them about it as well as give them something you created!

We have a variety of artificial succulents to chose from and you can chose your own container as well!

We will provide the foam to stick your plants in, moss to give it the perfect finish, and wire cutters if you need to make adjustments.

Feel free to stop in anytime between 9-5 pm!

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artificial succulent calendar event
  •  March 27, 2021
     9:00 am - 5:00 pm