Starting a Garden & Resources

Congrats on starting a garden! There has been a huge increase of people wanting to plant produce plants  as well as other plants this year, which is wonderful but also overwhelming to try to answer every question as thoroughly for you as we have been able to do in the past years!

This post will hopefully help bring some info together and be a place to update and share resources you have shared with us!

First, I’d like to link to our Resources page. For example, this is where you can find more info from Bonide, our recommended disease and pest control brand, or from Espoma, the plant fertilizers and amendment product line we have most of in store. Also info on maintenance of plants, or starting a victory garden.

The resources page is updated whenever we can and are always looking to add more to it without being too overwhelming or biting off more we can chew with updates!

New to gardening? I love this video and article on what you should do when starting a garden. It covers everything from where to put your garden and down to soil health. It links out to other resources as well if you want to learn more. Space choice, soil health, etc can not only be used for vegetable gardening but perennials, native, and other gardening you’d like to do!

Hope some of this helps as a jumping off point to start your own garden this year! We have the greenhouse grown plants for you so you can enjoy fresh produce as well as adding flowers, native plants, a living privacy fence, and more this summer!

It’s time to embrace your outdoor living space!