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SPRING – It’s not cancelled!!

Items not available until end of April/beginning of May: *We can not create holds of items at this time.
Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Perennials, Summer Annuals, Vegetable Starters (Some cold hardy starters may be available mid-April).

Please enter all items you are looking for in Shopping List below. We will choose the best-of-the-best product for you as well as try to get exactly what you need for specific growing/landscape projects or for a gift! If we don’t have something we will let you know by email or phone.

At this time, we can take payment over the phone only.
Please confirm the specific time of day works best for you when you speak to us over the phone.

Shopping List
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Delivery Fee by Miles:

Zone 1:

0-10 Miles
$50 minimum
Under $50 minimum
$9 delivery fee

Zone 2:

11-16 Miles
$50 minimum
$15 delivery fee

Zone 3:

17-25 Miles
$50 minimum
$30 delivery fee

Please call if you are outside these mile ranges and we can figure out what we can do for you.