Seeds to Start Now

Welcome gardeners! It’s about that time to start some seeds! First off, cold hardy vegetables like the brassicas family which includes cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage can be seeded in early to mid-March as well as lettuces. These cold-weather crops can be put outdoors earlier and do well in a cold frame or hoop houses.

In mid to late March, plant your peppers and eggplants. These all need eight to 10 weeks indoors under lights before the last frost date.

Here is a pdf version of instructions on seed starting indoors and some guidelines on when to start certain crops!

Minnesota Horticulture Society recommends holding off on your tomato plants until the beginning of April. If you do start them in mid-March give them plenty of light and fertilizer so they grow strong.

According to the Farmers Almanac, our last frost date is May 12th, but that is not set in stone, especially with changing weather patterns. Keep your eye on the weather and it will help you know when you can acclimate and then transplant seedlings outdoors.

We carry grow lights, seed starting kits, seedling potting soil, fertilizer, and seeds. Later in the spring we will have vegetables and herbs that we have grown for you to purchase if you don’t get to starting your own seedlings.

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