Seeds & Garden Plants

Whether you’re looking for every day seeds or the variety your grandmother grew, Drummers has a huge variety of seeds each spring. You’ll find non-organic, organic and heirloom seeds alongside the standards.

Seed lines we represent: Lake Valley Seed (standard & organic), Botanical Interests Seed (standard & organic), Olds Garden Seed (standard & organic), Seed Savers Exchange (standard & organic), Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Farmer Seed & Nursery, limited Livingston Seed, and Northrup King (standard & organic).

We carry onion sets and seed potatoes plus bare-root strawberry and asparagus plants each spring and a large variety of onion and leek plants ready to go.

In fall find garlic seed for harvest the following August.

We grow our own huge selection of blooming annuals and vegetable plants plus herbs.

Also find perennials, trees and shrubs during the growing season. Trees & shrubs are available, weather permitting, around April 15.

We also offer garden bulbs. In spring find lilies, dahlia, alocacia, gladiola and others. In fall shop for tulip, daffodil, allium, hyacinth, crocus, paperwhites, amaryllis and others.

How to grow onion plants

How to grow asparagus

Seed starting indoors

Starting seeds outdoors in winter