Bring living greenery indoors

As the temps start to cool and the leaves start to fall outside, we need to start bringing living greenery indoors to create a plant oasis to enjoy all winter long.

Once the overnight temps are consistently dropping below 50°F,  bring your houseplants indoors to avoid damage and stress to your plant. If you have flowering tropical plants, those will have different over-wintering care that will be explained below.

Let the indoor greening begin!

Before they go inside…

Step 1:
Treat for pests. The outdoors is full of insects that also want to enjoy our plants. Before you bring them in, you can spray you plants lightly with a hose to knock off any insects or dirt. Be careful to not blast them with high pressure or with plants that are more delicate. Next, you can spray with an insecticidal soap, Eight, or any insecticide spray safe for your houseplants. The spray will kill the adults on the plant but what about the eggs of bugs that may emerge later? This is where we recommend using a systemic insecticide that is sprinkled onto the soil and watered in. Treat for pests at least a week before bringing in your plants to avoid introducing insects into your home or other houseplants.

Another method is to repot your plants. You can knock off all the soil and rinse off all old dirt from plants and pot. Repot in new potting soil. This is an easy method if you need to put your plants in bigger pots or split any plants that have grown too large for your space.

Step 2:
Speaking of plants that have outgrown their space indoors, you can prune back houseplants that had extensive growth this summer. When you prune, cut right after a leaf node, so you keep the node on. This is where new growth will start. Don’t be worried about reshaping and pruning your plants to fit your space, they will always grow back with proper care!

Step 3:
Check the plant toxicity if you have pets in the house that have a tendency to chew on things. Here is a great list of plants and their toxicity levels to make sure you aren’t bringing in a plant that may be harmful to your pets.

Bring your plants inside:

Imagine where you want to enjoy your plants! Get creative if you are finding that you don’t have enough shelf or floor space, or if you need to keep the plant away from pets or children. Try training your pothos to crawl up your wall with a pole or trellis or hang your ferns in your bathroom since they love humidity. Make sure that wherever you put them, you are paying attention to their light needs.

It’s normal for your houseplants to have a transition period of  some leaves yellowing and dropping. Give them artificial sunlight with grow lamps if you find your plants are struggling due to lack of light.

Over-winter flowering tropicals:

Tropicals, like Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, and Jasmine, will drop their leaves and go dormant in the winter. Put them in a room that is between 40-50°F with little to no sunlight and only water enough so the soil doesn’t get completely dry. Flowering vines, like Jasmine, can be cut back 6-12″ above soil line. Tropical Hibiscus should be pruned after completely dormant. Prune a third of the way back, and make sure to keep two to three leaf nodes on the branch for new growth in the spring.

Lastly, have fun with creating your very own plant oasis!

You will receive the benefits of the plants cleaning the air in your home, creating a place for you to de-stress, and stay in touch with nature through the cold winter. If a plant doesn’t work out, there are many more low maintenance plants here for you to try like Snake plants, Peace lilies, Pothos, Philodendrons, ZZ plants, and more! We are always here to answer your plant questions as well!