Bare Root Plants

What is a bare root plant?

Bare root plants are plant that have not been potted up in containers. Not all plants can be sold bare root but many trees, shrubs, roses, and some fruiting trees can be ordered bare root. Bare root plants have typically been growing in the ground for two years before they are dug up and shipped to us.

They are shipped to us in their dormant state in April and there is a short window before they have to either be planted in containers or in the ground. Once you receive your bare root plant, it must be planted ASAP because of its roots not being in soil.

What are the advantages of ordering bare root?

-Cost less
-Economically friendly due to the cheaper fuel cost and no plastic pot!
-You can inspect the roots for healthiness
-Larger root mass –this is due to the way they are harvested
-Easier to handle –lighter weight due to no soil around roots
-Root systems develop faster

How to order bare root plants:

1. Download our bare root order form (XLS file) for available plants for bare root plant orders this spring.

2. Fill out “Order quantity” field of plants you’d like and email it back to us.

3. Contact Brad at or call 507-388-4877 for information and questions about ordering other trees, shrubs, fruits, and roses that are not listed on these spreadsheets or for large quantity orders.

4. Ordering earlier will increase the chance of availability of specific plants from our vendors. Each week quantities will change. We will contact you if there are any issues with your order.